Tweeting Bra


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An interesting project made for Ogilvy Greece.

The purpose is to to raise awareness for breast cancer. This action happen fo a good cause


  • Η OgilvyOne κατάφερε να κερδίσει 2 Grand Ermis στις κατηγορίες Ermis Digital και Ermis Direct για το Tweeting Bra της Nestlé, το οποίο απέσπασε και το Innovation Award της ενότητας
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Links about that project:

What is the Tweeting Bra For?

For those with their mind in the gutter, the bra is part of a 2 week campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer, and each tweet is a reminder to the men and women who follow her Twitter to perform self breast exams. While the tweets are in Greek and a bit hard for most of us to read, you can check it out @tweetingbra if your Greek is better than mine.
The campaign has so far reached millions around the world, making it successful in more ways than one. While many of Maria’s followers are of course just watching to see when she takes her bra off, the whole campaign raises a huge amount of awareness for breast cancer, making it a total success.

How it Works

The Tweeting bra looks and feels like a normal bra, but it has a special clasp that is Bluetooth enabled and uses software. When the clasp is unhooked, the bra automatically sends a signal to her cell phone, which notifies a server set up for the purpose, which automatically generates a tweet (In Greek) to to Maria Bacodimou’s 140,000 Twitter followers, as well as on its own Twitter channel. This is actually no new technology, it’s just the first time it’s been applied to a bra! Puppy Tweets is a similar endeavor that tweets each time a dog does something, allowing owners to keep up with their pet while they’re at work, or owners to set up cute channels for their pets. Surprisingly enough, Puppy Tweets hasn’t really caught on that well. However, the built in sensor, automatic push to tweet, and wearable tweeting technology is about the same idea as that used by Greek marketing group OgilvyOne Athens for Nestle albeit Puppy Tweets is a bit easier to pronounce. Plus, you can purchase Puppy Tweets if you want to try to make your dog a celebrity.
While not simple technology, the ideas behind the Tweeting Bra are already very well established, and not really that hard to set up for anyone who knows how push to tweet apps work.



Things to take into account:

  • Small size
  • Power consumption low
  • wireless
  • able to run without recharge for days

so I went to bluetooth technology, and using a ATTINNY to control the circuit able to go to sleep in the device was not used :) easy :)

Here is my first aproach:

Testing the sleep function


More comming