A great project made for Cambo Industries Greece.

The purpose is for users/players login to theirs' facebook accounts, and play the application so they can win many presents.

The system consist of an application (facebook app) and a hardςare system something like a big CNC machine. From withing the application the players watch what happens inside a big box (2X4X2 meters) and they control a mechanical gripper, so they collect clothes that are on the floor, and had to put them inside a smaller box in the middle of the big box.

The game was on for about 3 weeks, with thousens player trying to score.

After all it was a big success with a lots of presents for the people who participate the game.

Special thanks to:

Fragoulopoulos Markos (Bro) : Programming of the controller / Problems solving :)
Mpilionas Dimitris : Aluminum Box construction

Video Links:

The Construction phase !!!

 First I had to make a plan, about the mechanism which pickup the clothes. Small hobby robotics grippers failed after a few attemps so I had to come up with a bigger more relaible gripper. I used one linear actuator from Pololu and after I machined a couple of POM parts I made this gripper


 I also put limit switches at the closing point not to brake anything.

Then was the BOX, the big and the small one

here are a few steps from the construction:

The BOX part 1


The BOX part 2 Installing the bridge

 It was a little tricky to find the correct way to move the bridge, with out friction, regarding the weight which was more than 20Kgr


and a family photo during the build :)


 Big Box Ready


The smaller box which will hold the clothes with some lighting effects.

I also position an IR sensor on the smaller box to keep track if the clothes actualy droped inside it.

For controllers I used standard CNC drivers with NEMA 24 Steppers, Great stuff


The Driver for the step motors

and the 3 of them

details of the motor and the pulley

the web cam which used to provide live streaming to facebook application.