R2D2 The "making".

 It was around 1978 when I saw Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope . I was impressed. As many of you, I thought that the real heros were these two robots, R2D2 and C3PO. But I found R2D2 somehow more interesting, maybe because of the way it communicates or maybe because of it's shape. I wish I could have a robot like this.

After almost 30 years with a good background on "making things" I said to myself, "now it's a good time to build the R2D2". Not only because I liked the robot, but the whole thing, to find the proper materials, to cut and finish the wood and the aluminum, to build the electronics, and a lot other small or bigger tasks were a challenge to me. The second reason was that because I have two kids (little at that time) it would be a great way to show them how to build things and to give them some ideas about project planning, first steps in electronics, and building. And the third reason was ... because I could :)


A small video from 76th International Exhibition @ Thessaloniki (Macedonia, Greece)

Here is a photo blog about the steps of my R2D2 construction, with a few notes.

First of all I would like to thank the "Astromech Club" for the supporting material and especialy Mike Senna for providing all the planns which I used for building my robot.

* It took me a lot time to gather all the plans I needed, and to decide about the materials I was going to use. After a lot consideration and after seeing what other builders used I decided to use wood for the skeleton the inner boddy, aluminum for the outer body and dome, wood for the legs.

* Ordering parts. The dome was the most expensive single part, and it took about 3 months to arrive from the US.