Welcome to my web place.

I'm Emmanuel and I like to build things, I've posted some projects I've build and a couple events I've helped as an organizer.

Welcome to browse :)

Bellow is a gallery of my events and projects, just click on the one that interests you to see more information, if you like something or need more info just send me an email.


ADW 2008 ADW 2009 ADW 2010 79 ΔΕΘ ΕΥΓΕΝΙΔΙΟ  


few of my Projects

Str8 Crane
Str8 to Goal
Cosmote Waterguns
Fonzies Craft
Tweeting Bra
FOSS Germanos
on going ... confidential


and some personal projects 4 fun


 R2D2 Proxxon mf40 CNC CNC custom machine RC Planes
 ArduBox SitePlayer Air Sensor measurment